“It was SO fun to read some of the stories and quotes in Wild Ride! WOW! You did an amazing job compiling a beautiful book of women’s special memories
I can’t wait to get my copy. You are so articulate in the introduction of the stories in the beginning of the book.”
-Contributor, Linda Gillen

“This is a beautifully done book. You took our stories and further developed the book in all the right directions. Saludo’s, good luck and the very best to you and this wonderful
collection of stories. Abrazos, Janice”
-Contributor, Janice Kimball

“THIS IS STUNNING!  I love your writing exercises, Kathy. What a lovely book. So
enjoyed the first section and can’t wait to see more! Congratulations!”
Contributor, Kelly Hayes-Raitt

“Hi Kathy! Congratulations on your FABULOUS BOOK!  I was happy to receive your book and will most definitely participate on the FACEBOOK page… what a WONDERFUL accomplishment! So very happy for you!” -Contributor, Mary K Crawford

“…WOW… it’s so inviting and beautiful!”– Contributor, Nila Nielsen

“I just finished reading the advance Publisher copy of your book. Absolutely loved every
page. The changes you made are so incredibly wonderful. You’ve turned our stories into
material for something akin to book club discussions. Words to make us think about
experiences, feelings and the future. Major kudos for an outstanding and fun book. I’ll
be first in line for additional copies to share with friends and family.”
-Contributor, Patti Heerhartz

More reviews of Wild Ride coming soon!

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