The brain is an amazing organ that informs every aspect of our lives. Studies on the brain, memories, emotion are broad areas that are widely researched and information is continually evolving. Parts of the brain, neural pathways, chemicals in the brain are all segments of the research.

I am not a neurobiologist or Psychologist and my interest in memory is narrow and focused on the behavioural aspect…what actions can I take now to best retrieve happy memories in the future. Some of the sources of the research I used in the book are included here.

The books in this area that are of most interest to me now are:

Memory and Emotion, The Making of Lasting Memories by James L. McGaugh

Remember, The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting by Lisa Genova

Impossible to Possible, Neurostrategies for Healing, Humor and a Reimagined Life by Sue Stevenson

Additional resources:,AuthorSort%20asc&sr=1