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Deadline: Spring 2023

Thrive and ShineStories of women sharing their strength

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As we journey, it’s heartwarming to see women thrive and shine as they stand in their own truth. 

Who cheers for you, encourages and challenges you toward a better side of you. We are on the hunt for positive stories that will inspire sisterhood, make us smile and expand our hearts.

Thrive and Shine gathers stories about women, by women, and for women. 

We encourage the exploration of sisterhood, reflecting on the impact of women in each other’s lives. It’s well understood that women can be each other’s emotional support system. From lending a listening ear, sharing laughter, boosting self esteem, all women can benefit from cultivating strong and healthy female relationships.

Do you have a story of a woman’s influence on your life (past or present)?

Your  “ what happened” story might also include some of the following elements:

Of a specific woman: what does that relationship mean to you? 

What are you learning about friendship and the value of sisterhood?

What event in your life highlighted ‘wisdom through generations of women’?

Here are some story starters to prompt your musings: 

She who cheered me on and challenged me to grow is… 

The woman who defines fun and laughter is…

My safe place to land (the woman who advised/advises and supported/supports me is… 

I was influenced to be who I am by … 

Sage, grandmother-like, and shepherd, the woman in my life who… 

I am accountable to… 

Guidelines for submitting stories:

  • Submit an original and true story that reaches out and resonates with the experience of being a woman. We want women to open their hearts on the page… the essence of each story is how the ‘event’ made you feel. Bring your funny, heartwarming, exciting, adventurous. Your story does not have to be lollipops and roses. It can reflect joy as well as sorrow and all the while, focus on what was gained, learned and the way forward.
  • Tell the story from your own experience and from your perspective, in the first person (I went, I said, I believe). 
  • Structure with a beginning, middle and end, include action, passion and other emotions.
  • Be yourself and freefall your writing, then tighten it to 500 words. English writing will be welcomed from all over the world from women over 18 years old. The copyright of your story remains with you, the author.
  • 65 stories will be accepted up until December 30, 2022 at 11:59 pm. 
  • If you have any questions or require clarification, do not hesitate to contact me at the email below. 

NOTE: The story is not meant to be a reference or testimonial for any one person. 

How to submit a story

  • Complete the information form and email it with your story to 
  • We will reply and advise receipt of your document by email.

And then what happens?

  • Stories will be curated to include diversity of populations and topics.
  • If your story is accepted for publishing, you will be contacted by email early in January and asked to sign a waiver. 
  • Contributors will receive a free book and be acknowledged in the book, on the website and on Facebook. 

Please include the following in your email submission:

Full name



Full Address

Title of your story

Date submitted

Biography( 75 words or less)  What would you like women to know about you

What does Thrive and Shine mean to you? (50 words or less)

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