Main Message

This is a book about women…for women, and those who cherish the female heart. In the
space between its pages, it asks: What is the value of a story? How are emotion and
memory connected? Maybe story is both a classroom and teacher that recounts the long-ago of those who lived full lives and gently hands it to the young. It queries the benefits of journaling to preserve memories. Wild Ride: Women’s Stories and Life Lessons, beautifully, thoroughly, and authentically explores these concepts through research, anecdote… and genuine stories penned by fifty-five guest storytellers invited to bravely contribute their memories and a word of advice that they would offer to their younger selves. Each woman brings heart and soul into her writing, stories ranging from everyday family life, travel, achievement and humour. Life can be unexpected, it’s simple but complicated and all the while, we are surrounded by story. The crux of the message revolves around feeding our feel-good memories so that we can enjoy them in future years.

This heart-centred book challenges every reader to nurture their own positive memories. Story prompts offer the opportunity to meet the storyteller within themselves, as they reflect on their own Wild Ride through a unique interactive journaling experience. This is your book; an outstretched hand from a collective sisterhood.