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Mary K. Morrison

Legacy of Laughter: A Grandparent Guide and Playbook
By Mary Kay Morrison, Educator, Author, Speaker

Contributors: The 12 grandchildren of the author: Ben, Tyler, Andrew, Samuel, Emma, Mimi,
Christine, Katie, Steve, Cloe, Isaiah, and Faith, and their parents.

GOAL: To make a significant difference in the lives of children through nurturing grandparents. This book is perfect for grandparents who strive to provide caring stability for their grandchildren during difficult times. Legacy of Laughter: A Grandparent Guide and Playbook provides guidance for building loving relationships with purposeful, brain-based playtime and strategies to help kids cope with the challenges faced by this pandemic generation. Through shared laughter and joyful fun, grandparents can create a lifetime of memories that support the optimal well-being of their grandchildren. 

Why Mary Kay Morrison?
As a former kindergarten teacher, with a passion for understanding the neuroscience of learning, Mary Kay has been writing and speaking for over 20 years about the critical importance of play for optimal growth and development. As a college professor who designed and teaches a course in humor studies promoting the health benefits of humor, Mary Kay realizes that playful activities not only support learning but nurture the development of a sense of humor. As the grandmother of 12 beautiful, amazing, incredible (is she bragging too much?) grandchildren, Mary Kay has found countless ways to interact and play with them over the past 20 years. Their written contributions and those of their parents are an integral part of this book.  

Audience: A fast growing population of Boomer Grandparents and their children. This book is written for new grandparents as well as for those who are looking for innovative ways to enhance their relationships with children. This book is meant to be reviewed again and again as a reference during the 5 distinctive stages of child development. 

If you’d like to provide a book review: please contact marykay@questforhumorcom
Legacy of Laughter: A Grandparent Guide and Playbook

Authors Norma Wark and Albertine Coulombe with their first look at the publisher’s advance copy.
Mechtild Brennen and family